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The Decatur Education Foundationan independent nonprofit, works in close partnership with City Schools of Decatur to help Decatur youth realize their full potential by removing obstacles to learning, fueling personal effort, supporting teacher innovation, and strengthening community programs. Individuals and organizations contribute ideas, time, dollars and expertise to support a wide range of activities that strengthen teaching and learning across Decatur.


The Decatur Arts Alliance is a nonprofit partnership of artists, business owners, and residents dedicated to supporting and enhancing the arts in the city of Decatur. The DAA sponsors the annual festivals as well as special art events for members only. It also provides a collaborative environment to coordinate the interests of artists, gallery owners, theater groups, dance groups and performance venues within Decatur and to develop the city as a strong arts community.


The City of Decatur cultivates a welcoming, inclusive, small-town atmosphere with all the benefits of proximity to a major metropolitan area. Friendly neighbors, tree-lined streets, great schools, parks and playing fields, libraries, colleges, and local businesses all make the city a dynamic place to visit, conduct business, and live. Named after Stephen Decatur, a 19th century U.S. Naval hero, Decatur retains a strong connection to its history, while preparing for the future with managed growth and responsible development.


The Better Together Advisory Board was established in 2016 to guide and advise the Decatur City Commission and the community at large on issues of equity, inclusion and engagement. Better Together began as a community action plan created by citizens of Decatur containing specific action items for individuals, organizations and local government to undertake in order to cultivate a just, welcoming, inclusive, equitable and compassionate city.

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